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Even though I have been waiting for this Friday all week, I am having a bad day so far. I mean nothing really is wrong I am just irritated and annoyed. I mean today is payday but I can't get any money because I lost my MAC card last Saturday and the new hasn't arrived in the mail yet. Then there was nothing for me to eat for breakfast because I haven't been able to get any money because of course MAC card hasn't come. Then I had nothing to eat for lunch because of course my MAC card hasn't come. Thank God I have a bf who cares because he took me to the market this morning to get something for lunch. But being irritated everything that he was saying was irking me. You see I am trying to lose weight so i hate eating and I hate going to the market. It is getting a little better because this time when I went into the market my stomach wasn't hurting (yeah literally speaking recently when i go into the market i get sick because of the stress of trying to find healthy stuff i like). Anyway, while in the market I didn't know what to buy (always the case) because i am trying to eat healthy but i am a very picky eater and don't like anything. So he talking trying to help but i took it like i was getting on his nerves. SO i just picked something up and got in line. then to make matters worse when i got out the car to go into work i spilled juice on the carpet of his car which of course he just adores. So so far this has not been a good day and I am sleepy and angry as hell.
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