Lauren (zenithstar) wrote,

Lavatory Deprivation

Today I was in the computer lab talking to Debbie and we were having a conversation about her holding her bathroom needs until alter because she doesn't like using the bathrooms here. so i told her to make sure that she didn't have an accident later. so then the conversation began. i told her about when i was younger (like 5) and i had to go to the bathroom at a mall where there wasn't any department stores and the regular stores wouldn't let you go to the bathroom. My mother used to make me go in the parking lot. it was a number 1 and not the dreadful number 2. that would be icky and nasty. there i was though young with no aim so the first time i missed some and got it on me. but after a couple times i became a pro.
then a recent episode come about last summer when i went to the dreadful sameric theater on 19th and chestnut, where the floors are sticky and there is a hole in one of the theaters. we attended the last showing and we were rushing to get to the bus. halfway to the stop i had to go the bathroom. i mean it came out of no where and i had traveled too far to go to the theater because i would have missed the last bus. i attempted to go to the bathroom in the bar but the rude ass bouncer wouldn't let me get in. so there i was stuck. i wanted to go on his shoe but decided to go in the lot next to it.
so there are my episode's of when i was deprived of a rest room option.
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