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well my guys did it. they won yesterday. i was so excited that i almost pissed on myself. i was so stressed that i almost had an heart attack. there i was watching the game and i was so hype. we were blowing them out by 16 and do you know what the punk Walker did? hit 7 threes in the first half. they cut the lead down to two (not just walker and his three's) but then E. Snow hit a three to put us up by 5. so jumping to the fourth quarter which was probably the longest 12 minutes in my life. the lead kept changing and everything. there was a point where my sixers were down by 4 and then up by 5 and then tied. but my man Derrick coleman came through and so did the exceptional AI (if you don't know who that is where have you been for the past 6 years?). My fellas came out with the W, the celtic confidence, and some confidence of their own. as they say in their commercials, IT'S TIME.
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hell yea sixers!! love them do death! im so glad AI is back. i was so pissed off when i heard that he had that injury and he couldnt play for awhile. gotta question...u like the lakers? cause i hate them with a passion.
girl i can't stand the Lakes there is a word that explains how much i hate them. i respect them though because they have mastered what they do but they get helped by the entire league.

but it looks like our guys are finished huh? the celtics eliminated us. i detest paul peirce he is arrogant. they have no class either because they kept jacking up threes when there was like 2 minutes left. how do you feel about the end of the season? (as if i don't know the answer)
ok i agree the Lakers are good, but their egos are BAD. Kobe is good ball player and so is Shaq--i guess--but still their heads are bigger than this world. and then sometimes when i see them play, its like their hearts arent in it at all. seems to me all they are worried about is how much money they will getting out of that game. THEN the next week, they are playing all great and stuff. i jus dont get it ya know?????

end of the season for the Sixers...SUCKS. i wish they could go all of the way. i dunno, they did well, i guess. but honestly, somehow this year, i dont think the lakers will win it. ill probably be wrong, but i have this feeling.
yeah i don't think that the Lakers are going to go all the way either. they are working harder than last year in the playoffs.
i think that we could beat than more than we did last year too but the refs cheated and gave them all the calls.

i am glad that the celtics lost to the pistons too. the pistons won because they didn't do what we did and that is double them because Boston can not play people one on one they are too weak.
thats true about Boston not being able to play one on one. my dad and i were talking about that the other day. yeah the refs always give the calls to the lakers and cheat and crap like that. but whatever. hey what u think about the kings? i like them, i think they have a really good team. i really think they've got that ability to win.
oh i like the kings. i think that they can win if chris webber plays aggressive and not just settle for jumpshots. i think that if they make the Lakers (mostly Shaq)play true defense, the Lakers will not be able to so easily pull away in the fourth quarter. i think that since the refs cheat for them and since they don't play D they still be fresh in the fourth while the other team is all tired mentally and physically because they gotcheated by the refs and have to play d on shaq
pierce and walker are my b0iZ...but although i don't like you dissing my Celts, i can let it slide b/c AI is my baby. he's so so sezzy!