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Ok let me say that even though the movie was not the greatest scary movie I saw I was impressed because it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. I must say that I like how they did my girl Jamie Lee Curtis but she IS Halloween so she will be back. I must say I like how the Black people were not killed in the first scene and the two guys actually put up a fight. I think that the movie did a good job of bringing the longlasting thriller up to date.
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I say Jaime Lee = Michael Myers!!!!

I saw her eyes inside his mask!!!!!!!
Well you know they are supposed to be siblings? I think that since you didn't see her fall something like that is going to happen but I think that since he isn't dead, she is going to come back and there is going to be a showdown and she kills him for real because i mean they are getting a little too old for this whole i shoot you/you don't die/ you try to kill me/i run routine. I don't know i like it though. especially how busta bus was fighting him and getting smart with him and stuff because even though he was scared he was giving mike a run for his money.